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Manth Brownell has over 100 multiple spindle automatic screw machines and over 50 CNC turning and milling machines to produce nearly any part that you need.  Manth prides itself on having a large, diverse fleet of machines, to meet any volume or complexity.  We can machine diameters from .050” to 3”, holding tolerances as tight as .0005”.

The primary materials that we machine are brass, lead-free brass, steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper and plastic.  

Manth Brownell has an excellent reputation for quality parts, achieved through an experienced and dedicated work force that takes pride in their work.  

Our customers consistently applaud our customer service and desire to do whatever it takes to meet their needs.  Our Engineers and Shop-floor Management are always available to be called directly.

Learn more about our precision machining capabilities:

Multiple spindle Screw Machining

Manth has over 100 automatic screw machines, including Euroturns, Gildemeisters, Wickmans, Davenports, and Acmes.  The sheer number of our machines, ranging up to 3” diameter bar stock, and the attachments that allow us to turn 2 operation parts into 1 operation parts, provides flexibility and cost efficient solutions for our customers.  Our equipment is arranged into Value Streams to provide maximum support to our customers.  Each value stream has all of the personnel needed to complete an order from start to finish, including operators, machinists, setup personnel, Manufacturing and Quality Engineers, and the Value Stream Manager.

CNC Swiss Turning

Manth has (24) Marubeni Citizen Swiss machines, up to 32 mm capacity, and we continue to invest in additional machines every year. Quality is critical with the parts produced from these machines. From low volume prototype runs to high volume orders, we have the breadth of equipment to meet all of our customer’s demands. Our lead times are short, and our CNC Value Stream has all the needed personnel to complete an order from inception to shipment.

CNC lathe turning

Our CNC lathes include both single and twin turret machines, capable of running up to 3” diameter bar stock. We are capable of running low to high volumes, across 3 shifts of production. Our Engineers and skilled Technicians will work with you to suggest design changes to reduce cost. We can prototype parts for you, and our short production leadtimes and multiple machines can get ramped up quickly to meet your volume requirements. Excellent quality is the standard, with dedicated machinists and technicians.

CNC milling

Manth uses Haas, Hardinge, and Kitamura CNC vertical milling machines to manufacture precision parts. Utilizing rotary tables, high pressure coolant systems, and chip conveyors, combined with skilled technicians, Manth can manufacture the most complex parts you need, in a short period of time.  

Parts finishing

Manth has two Durr 80C vapor degreasing parts washing machines, one with ultrasonic capabilities. There is one in each building to minimize part movement between buildings. The Durr machines provide clean, bright parts with every cycle. Manth also washes parts for other manufacturers who are not able to invest in this type of equipment.

Manth has vendors in place that perform all additional parts finishing that is required – heat treating, plating, grinding, electropolishing and anodizing.

Tooling department

Our in-house tooling department is staffed with the personnel and equipment needed to support our regular production and any emergency situations that arise with our customers. A tool design engineer and highly skilled toolmakers produce high quality and cost efficient tools to ensure the impact of tooling costs to our customers is minimal.  Additionally, the Toolroom designs and manufactures many gages in-house.