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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of materials does Manth Brownell machine?

We machine brass, aluminum, steel, stainless and several other non typical grades.

What is the largest/smallest diameter Manth Brownell can machine?

We can machine up to 3” diameter and as small as .0469” diameter.

Is Manth Brownell ISO Certified?

Yes, we have been ISO certified since 2007, and we are currently certified to ISO 9001:2015.

What are Manth Brownell’s typical lead times?

It varies depending on machine type, material lead time and current backlog, but in general we can submit samples within 6-8 weeks.

What are Manth Brownell’s minimum volumes?

This changes based on the type of machine, typically our CNC machine minimums are 1,000 pcs, our multiple spindle machine minimums are 5,000 pcs.

Does Manth Brownell accept Blanket Purchase orders?

We accept Blanket Purchase Orders with releases scheduled as needed, within 12 months. We also offer consignment, KanBan, and inventory management.

Does Manth Brownell offer plating/finishing?

Yes, we offer plating and other finishing services such as heat treat and grinding, subcontracted with our certified suppliers.

What tolerances can Manth Brownell hold?

This varies from machine to machine and also with part configuration, as a standard rule we can hold ±.0005” on our CNC equipment and ±.001” or ±.002” on our multiple spindle equipment.

Does Manth Brownell provide RoHS compliant parts?

Upon request, we can provide parts that are RoHS compliant with appropriate certifications.

Can Manth Brownell provide ITAR controlled parts?

Yes, we are registered to manufacture ITAR controlled parts.

Can Manth Brownell provide a PPAP?

Yes, we are equipped to provide PPAP’s with all the necessary documentation.

Does Manth Brownell offer other services besides machining?

Yes, we provide assembly work, contract tooling, and parts cleaning services of parts made by our customers.