With the help of National Grid, Manth-Brownell completed two win-win projects.  We upgraded all the florescent lights in the plant and offices to double their light output and cut the cost of lighting in half.  Win-win.  We also put in two new air compressors to give us more reliable air service, while cutting the cost of operation in half.  Also each compressor can, if needed, totally carry the load of the other compressor in addition to its own, for total redundancy.  Win-win.  On top of this National grid paid close to 1/3 of the cost making our payback about three years with a brighter and smoother running plant.

National Grid

Manth Brownell Inc. was proud to sponsor the 2013 Manufacturing Careers Day presented by PEB - Partners for Education & Business, Inc. and hosted by Welch Allyn Inc.  To find out more about PEB please click here.



Pat Davis, Parts Auditor, retires after 13 years of dedicated service.

Congratulations on your retirement Pat!  Thank you for all of your hard work!